Technical Specifications for Versa Customized Motors

Drive specifications

S.No Parameter Range/Characteristics
1 Input Voltage Single phase 200 to 265 V
Frequency 50 Hz
2 Control Method Vector control with sensor
3 Encoder Interface Compatible with three-channel incremental encoder, one PWM signal input for rotor position information
Pulse frequency 125 kHz
4 Drive and motor protection Over voltage
Under voltage
Over current
Over load
Over temperature
Output short circuit
Loss of encoder feedback detection
Over speed
Torque limiting
5 Logic inputs Four opto-isolated inputs
6 Logic outputs Four logic outputs
7 LED indication Power ON
8 User interface Seven-segment LED display with tactile switch keyboard
9 Communication port One isolated RS-485 port
10 Operating position Vertical
11 Ambient temperature 0 to 45 ℃
12 Humidity 90% with no condensation
13 EMI filter Built-in single phase 230 V

Motor Specifications

S.No Parameter Range/Characteristics
1 Input Voltage Three phase 200V
Current 0.6 A
2 Output Power 70 W
3 Torque 3 Nm
4 No of poles 8
5 Insulation grade F class
6 Motor type Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor